On 22nd April, 2021 was held a meeting in Dodoma between the Minister for Agriculture of Tanzania, Prof. Adolf Mkenda and the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Tanzania, H.E. Mr. Oded Yosef.

They had excellent introductive discussions which emphasized the most cordial and deep relations between both countries.

The already-existing programs led in cooperation between Tanzania and Israel were mentioned among which one of them was especially highlightened; the 11-month program for Agriculture students of Tanzania to enhance their knowledges in Israel, to learn about the Israeli technologies and solutions in Agriculture field, adapted to Tanzania's needs.

The aim is for these trainees to become high-level entrepreneurs by implementing their new know-how when they are back to the United Republic of Tanzania while keeping strong relations with Israel.

The 22nd of April was a symbolic opportunity , since it was celebrating Earth Day, to inaugurate a Center in Don Bosco facilities, in Dodoma, which will improve, optimize and enhance the agricultural development at Don Bosco which will become a center for training, research, etc. dedicated to Agriculture experts for Tanzania along with Israel.

New Israeli technologies will be evaluated and adapted to the unique necessities of Tanzania among many other purposes for both benefit of the United Republic of Tanzania and Israel, forever friends.