Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi, Wednesday, tabled his office budget estimates for 2021/22 Financial Year, asking lawmakers to approve a total of 153.23bn/- for the Justice Ministry.

Prof. Kabudi told lawmakers that among the Ministry's priorities for the next FY is to conduct a capacity building programme to social welfare, mental health and court staff focusing on management and implementation of alternative penalties.

Explaining how the requested 153.23bn/- will be spent in the 2021/22 FY, the Minister told parliamentarians that a total of 55.3bn/- will be used as recurring expenditure while 40.19bn/- is for development expenditure.

The remaining 57.77bn/-, according to the Minister Kabudi, will be used to cover other expenses.

State Attorneys Help State to Save Over 500bn/-

The Government has saved 511.4bn/- that would have been awarded plaintiffs if the state attorneys had lost lawsuits.

The Minister of Legal and Constitution Affairs, Prof. Palamagamba Kabudi has revealed this as he was presenting his Ministry's plan and budget estimates for the financial year 2021/2022.

He said in 2020/2021 FY, the Ministry through the Office of the Attorney General (AG) had received a total 60 plus 38 new ones, bringing the total number of arbitration cases to 98.

Prof. Kabudi said among the cases, 76 are national and 22 are international.

He said that as of March 2021, the 27 national proceedings were already concluded while 49 cases were pending at various stages of the hearing.

According to Prof. Kabudi, in the international arbitration proceedings, two were finalized and 20 cases are in various proceeding stages.