President John Magufuli yesterday assured the public that the Government will continue to cherish press freedom by working hard in strengthening rights and responsibilities of the media in the country.

He said there has been an increase in the number of media outlets that have been registered in the country, a move that cements the government's commitment in working closely with members of the press.

The President made the remarks during an event to inaugurate the Jitegemee House that hosts studios for Africa Media Group (AMG) that airs Channel Ten, Channel Ten Plus, Magic FM and Classic FM.

"Statistics show that the number of radio stations has increased to 193 in February 2021 from 106 of the year 2015, where there were also 25 Television stations," he said.

According to him, the Government has also registered 23 online radio and 400 Online TVs, where in 2015 there were none of them.

Moreover, the Government has also issued licenses to 247 daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and other publications. 

"Tanzania is placed among countries with a large number of media globally, we need vibrant media outlets, but patriotism should be ahead of everything," he said.

Going forward, he reminded members of the media to observe patriotism on their reporting, and that all the printed information must be correct.

In this case, the Head of State instructed all Ministries and Government Institutions to keep cooperating with the media for them to get proper and required information on various activities.

"There are some Ministries that have a tendency of holding information, even those that are to be shared to the public, I'm warning them to change their ways, let the public be informed," he said.

The just launched Jitegemee building has been renovated at a cost of 700m/- against the estimation of 2bn/-.

President Magufuli was in the second day of his three day tour in Dar es Salaam where apart from launching the Jitegemee house, he also laid a foundation stone for the construction of Kisutu market.